Schlosser Gunsmithing Co.

Since 1874


     Schlosser Gunsmithing Co. dates back to the late 1800’s when a young German craftsman took over an existing business and set up the firm of GUS KOEHLER LOCKSMITH & GUNSMITH, located at 207 York Street, Newport, Kentucky. This business continued until 1928 when ownership was acquired by William Anderson and the name was changed to BILLY ANDERSON GUNSMITHS. The gunsmiths were Anderson, Frank Mustin, and Charles Wellinger.

     The business remained at 207 York Street until March, 1933, when the disastrous Ohio River flood forced the firm to relocate to 510 York Street, Newport.  For the next few years they specialized in custom gun work including the production of many fine made-to-order firearms. During this period the firm appraised firearms collections for museums, insurance companies, collectors, and private citizens. Additionally, the firm acquired many rare and historic weapons and shipped them to museums and private collectors throughout the United States.


     Business was suspended during the World War II years. Mr. Anderson, an Army Reserve Officer, was called to active duty shortly after Pearl Harbor, and deemed it best to close the shop for the War’s duration. The heavy equipment – lathes, barrel machines, presses, etc., were sold and the balance of the equipment was stored. Subsequently, the business was re-established and relocated near to its present location on Ninth & Monmouth Streets.

     The business was acquired by Peter Garrett in September 1974 and renamed PETER GARRETT GUNSMITHS, INC. The firm carried on the tradition of nearly 100 years of fine custom gunsmithing. Peter Garrett received his gunsmithing training at Trinidad State Jr. College of Gunsmithing. Mr. Garrett's aptitude for gunsmithing  is widely acknowledged, with his achievements having been detailed in both local and national publications, such as American Rifleman. 

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       Ben Schlosser purchased the business in September of 2017, renaming the firm SCHLOSSER GUNSMITHING COMPANY. A Fort Thomas native, Ben attended Centre College and Salmon P. Chase College of Law before receiving his gunsmithing training from Piedmont Technical College in Greenwood, South Carolina. Mr. Schlosser is an avid outdoor enthusiast, who grew up hunting and shooting on his farm in Bracken County, Kentucky. An accomplished woodworker and machinist, Ben shows great skill in gunsmithing and related fields. Peter Garrett remains with the firm as a consultant.